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How Do You Define Corruption?

What are the cost of corruption?

What is Transparency?

What do you do to fight corruption?

Corruption is the abuse of entrusted power of private gain.It can be classified as grand, petty and political,depending on the amounts of money lost and the sector where it occur?

Corruption corrodes the fabric of society.It undermine the people’s trust in political and economic systems,institutions and leaders.It can cost people their freedom,health,money-and sometime their life.

Transparency means shedding lig.ht on study deals,weak,enforcement of rules and other illict practices that undermine good goverments,ethical businesses and society at large

We have chapters in more than 100 countries,pressuring goverments,business and the powerful to take strong action against corruption.We also support witness and victims of corruption.

भ्रष्टाचार अन्वेषण गुप्त मंच

A Track Record of Success in Corruption Investigation


CISF is a part of media that will play an important role in national awakening in the coming future. For this purpose, various newspaper and news channels are cooperating with us.

CISF is strong intelligence media network that provides vital/secret news of social and national importance to various security and intelligence agencies and also ministry of home affairs and hon’ble president of India.

Our Definition of Corruption

Corruption is the abuse of public resources or public power for personal gain. Corruption Watch is concerned with any such abuse by anyone at any level of government or in business. Examples of public resources:

  • Money, goods, vehicles, buildings and any other resources that belong to the government.
  • Pension funds and medical aid funds.
  • Trade union money and resources.
  • Lottery money.
  • Donations to charities

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