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ABOUT CRIME INVESTIGATION SECRET FORUM(CISF) Is an independent and patroitic media agency constituted by patroitic journilist at the level of common man for the purpose of fighting crime corruption and terrorism effectilely.

CISF is a people’s journalism against crime,corruption and the anti-natinal elements.For this CISF has chosen the mode of media .It is working with public and goverment with constitutional and legal means.

CISF is an independent media agency that bring public grievancies,illegal /anti-national activities to tyhe notice of goverment ,Administration,police,judicary,autonomous bodies and impartial social organization and beside this .It also cooperates with of india in its welfare activities ,as it believe that cooperation of media and public goverment is the key to social,economic and political progress of country

CISF is a comprehensive news agency  that provides that various sensation/criminal news to print and electronic media.

CISF is an organisation of public journalism which provides the public a platform to raise its voice against crime,corruption,injustice,terrorism,social and national evils effiectively.   

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